CobraNet Support

Developer Support

This section is targeted at manufacturers who intend to create their own CobraNet solution as a replacement for the original CobraNet products from Cirrus Logic; such as based on FPGAs or DSP/microcontrollers. More >

Installer Support

Although installing an audio network is a bit different than installing an analog audio system, it’s every bit as straightforward once you understand some basic concepts. This section of the website provides general information and tips to guide you through the installation process – from establishing the basic infrastructure requirements all the way through system commissioning. More >

Network Design Support

If you’re new to the world of networking, the resources provided on general networking and CobraNet terminology will get you started. You can also refer to the Ethernet Overview document and the Ethernet and Network Links section to get a better feel for the infrastructure and general principles of Ethernet. More >

CobraNet Digital Audio Distribution