The CS47L90 is a low power, highly integrated smart audio codec that features a programmable 975 MIPS seven-core DSP. The CS47L90 can support multiple audio features in parallel and launches the introduction of Cirrus Logic SmartHIFI for mobile playback devices. A high performance 4-channel ADC/8-channel DMIC, 24-bit high fidelity codec is embedded with SoundClear® software technology highlighted by 'always on, always listening' seamless multi-trigger word detection that does not require the applications processor to remain awake, thus conserving standby-mode power. SmartHIFI is a unique combination of powerful DSP processing and audio performance to deliver an audio experience typically associated with high-end audio equipment but now optimized for mobile audio playback while maximizing battery life. In addition to leading specifications for typical audio parameters such as THD, SNR, etc, SmartHIFI includes high-end features such as tunable hi-fi filters, jitter-free audio, high sample rate and bit depth support (24/32bit, 192kHz). The CS47L90 also features multi-mic wideband noise reduction, high performance acoustic-echo cancellation (AEC), speech enhancements, and advanced media applications.



Smart Codecs


  • 975 MIPS, seven core audio-signal processor
  • Programmable wideband, multi-mic audio processing
  • 32-Bit audio playback support
  • Up to seven analog or ten digital microphone inputs
  • Multipurpose headphone/earpiece/line output driver
  • Digital pulse density modulation (PDM) output interfaces
  • Low power, 'always on' voice trigger capability
  • Multi-channel asynchronous sample rate conversion
  • Four full digital audio interfaces
  • Flexible clocking, derived from MCLKn, AIFn or SLIMbus
  • Advanced accessory detection functions
  • Configurable functions on up to 38 GPIO pins
  • Sensor hub capability, incorporating three main I²C interfaces
  • Integrated regulators and charge pumps
  • Small 173-ball WLCSP package, 0.4-mm ball array
  • Integrated multi-channel 24-bit hi-fi audio hub codec with SmartHIFI™:
    • Low distortion - 95dB THD+N at low power, 32 Ω
    • Low noise - 127dB Headphone SNR
  • Dedicated audio FLL minimizes clock jitter
  • High dynamic range: 115dB headphone, referenced to 1 VRMS
  • Linearity: >100dB THD
  • Transparent frequency and phase response
    • ±0.003dB
    • Low headphone amp output impedance maintains flatness even when driving complex impedance loads
  • Transparent time domain response: pro audio hi-fi filters (based on WM8741 pro audio DAC)
  • High sample rate and bit depth: 24/32-bit, 192 kHz playback
  • Low headphone amp output impedance: 0.2 Ω

Parametric Specifications

DACs 6
ADCs 4
DAC Dynamic Range (dB) 115
DAC THD+N (dB) -93
ADC THD+N (dB) -88
Sample Rate (kHz) 0-192
Analog Power Supply (V) 1.8
Digital Power Supply (V) 1.2
Power Consumption (mW) 3.1-76
Package 173 WLCSP


For more information about Cirrus Logic's Hi-Fi product line, visit the Hi-Fi Audio page.

Technical Documents

CS47L90 Product Datasheet

Jun 1, 2018, DS1105F3 : 12.8 Mb

CS47L90 Product Bulletin

Sep 19, 2016, n/a : 201 Kb

Software and Tools

Device Pack for CS47L90

Sep 26, 2017, v1.3.22 : 7.9 Mb


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