Audio DSPs with Mixed-Signal Integrated

The CS470xx family is a new generation of audio system-on-a chip (ASOC) processors targeted at high fidelity, cost sensitive designs. Starting with the single-core 32-bit audio DSP engine, the CS470xx family further simplifies system design and reduces total system cost by integrating the S/PDIF Rx, 2 S/PDIF Tx, dual stereo analog inputs – one with 5:1 stereo input mux, up to 8 analog outputs, and up to 20 channels of hardware SRCs to simplify system design. This integration effectively reduces an equivalent system chip count (using the CS47048 device) from 16 to 1 which clearly allows for much smaller, less expensive board designs.



Smart Codecs, Audio DSPs


  • Cost-effective, high-performance 32-bit DSP
  • Integrated DAC & ADC functionality
  • Configurable serial audio inputs/outputs
  • Supports different Fs sample rates
  • DSP tool set w/ private keys protect customer IP
  • Integrated clock manager/PLL
  • Input Fs auto detection w/ µC acknowledgement
  • Host & boot via SPI / I²C serial interface
  • Configurable GPIOs and external interrupt input
  • 1.8V core and a 3.3V I/O that is tolerant to 5V input
  • Low power mode: 620µW

Parametric Specifications

Not Recommended for New Designs

Technical Documents

CDB47xxx Evaluation Kit User's Manual

Mar 5, 2014, DS886DB11 : 4354 Kb

32-bit DSP Assembly Programmer's Guide

Oct 25, 2013, DS795UM11 : 5438 Kb

C-Compiler User's Manual

Oct 25, 2013, DS811UM15 : 2291 Kb

CS470xx Product Data Sheet

Jul 30, 2012, DS787PP9 : 1228 Kb

CS470xx Product Bulletin

Sep 28, 2009, 0219-0709-PB : 716 Kb


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