2-, 4- or 8-Channel, 16/24-Bit, Buffered Delta Sigma Multirange A/D Converters

The CS5521/22/23/24/28 family of highly integrated, Delta Sigma analog-to-digital (A/D) converters use charge-balance techniques to achieve 16-bit (CS5521/23) and 24-bit (CS5522/24/28) performance. The A/D converters come as either 2-channel (CS5521/22), 4-channel (CS5523/24), or 8-channel (CS5528) devices. They each include a low input current and chopper-stabilized, instrumentation amplifier. To permit selectable input spans of 25 mV, 55 mV, 100 mV, 1 V, 2.5 V and 5 V, the A/D converters include a PGA (programmable gain amplifier). To accommodate ground-based thermocouple applications, the devices include a charge pump drive, which provides a negative bias voltage to the on-chip amplifiers. These devices also include a fourth-order Delta Sigma modulator followed by a digital filter, which provides eight selectable-output word rates. The digital filters are designed to settle to full accuracy within one conversion cycle, and when operated at word rates below 30 Hz, they reject both 50 Hz and 60 Hz interference. These single-supply products are ideal solutions for measuring isolated and non-isolated, low-level signals in process-control applications.



  • Low input current (100 pA) and chopper-stabilized instrumentation amplifier
  • Scalable input span (bipolar/unipolar)
    • 2.5 V VREF: 25 mV, 55 mV, 100 mV, 1 V, 2.5 V, 5 V
    • External: 10 V, 100 V
  • Wide VREF input range (1 V to 5 V)
  • Fourth-order Delta Sigma A/D converters
  • Easy-to-use 3-wire serial interface port
    • Programmable/auto channel sequencer with conversion data FIFO (first in/first out)
    • Accessible calibration registers per channel
    • Compatible with SPI™ and Microwire™
  • System and self-calibration
  • Eight selectable word rates
    • Up to 617 Hz (XIN = 200 kHz)
    • Single-conversion settling
    • 50 Hz/60 Hz ±3 Hz simultaneous rejection
  • Single +5 V power supply operation
    • Charge pump drive for negative supply
    • +3 V to +5 V digital supply operation
  • Low power consumption: 6.0 mW
  • Package: 20/24-pin SSOP; lead-free assembly

Parametric Specifications

Resolution (bits) 16 (CS5521)

24 (CS5522)

16 (CS5523)

24 (CS5524)

24 (CS5528)
Throughput (Sps) 1-400 (CS5521)

1-606 (CS5522)

1-400 (CS5523)

1-606 (CS5524)

1-606 (CS5528)
Integral Linearity (%FS) 0.0015 (CS5521)

0.0007 (CS5522)

0.0015 (CS5523)

0.0007 (CS5524)

0.0007 (CS5528)
Differential Linearity (±LSB) NMC
Channels 2 (CS5521)

2 (CS5522)

4 (CS5523)

4 (CS5524)

8 (CS5528)
Power Consumption (mW) 7 (CS5521)

5.5–10 (Low Power/Normal) (CS5522)

7 (CS5523)

5.5–10 (Low Power/Normal) (CS5524)

5.5–10 (Low Power/Normal) (CS5528)
Package 20 SSOP (CS5521)

20 SSOP (CS5522)

24 SSOP (CS5523)

24 SSOP (CS5524)

24 SSOP (CS5528)


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