Audio Amplifiers

Amplifiers from Cirrus Logic include proprietary architecture and are designed specifically for today’s mobile applications. These products offer best-in-class idle power consumption while maintaining high output power efficiency and superior audio quality.


Application Notes

AN-0454 RC Snubber for Class-D Audio Amplifiers

Apr 3, 2018, AN0454 rev 1 : 683 Kb

WAN-0118 Guidelines

Sep 1, 2014, WAN_0118 rev 2.5 : 740 kb

WAN_0207 Wolfson Control Write Sequencer

Nov 1, 2010, WAN0207 rev 1.0 : 147 Kb

WAN_0204 WM9081 Control Write Sequencer Default Sequences

May 1, 2009, WAN0204 rev 1.1 : 160 Kb



Jan 14, 2021, v3.12.0.5 : 43.2 Mb

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