Two Channel Energy Measurement IC

The CS5490 is part of the CS548x/9x family of high performance analog front end solutions for energy measurement with two (CS5490), three (CS5480) or four (CS5484) 24-bit analog to digital converters. It provides high-accuracy energy measurement at a very low price, and on-chip energy calculations and fast on-chip calibration speeds product development cycles. Flexibility in current sensors, serial communications and digital outputs ensures that the CS5490 is a fit for any application requiring high-accuracy energy measurement at a very low price.



Energy Measurement


  • Superior analog performance with ultra-low noise level and high SNR
  • Energy measurement accuracy of 0.1% over 4000:1 dynamic range
  • Current RMS measurement accuracy of 0.1% over 1000:1 dynamic range
  • 2 independent 24 bit, 4th order Delta Sigma modulators for voltage and current measurements
  • Configurable digital output for energy pulses, zero crossing or energy direction
  • Supports shunt resistor, CT and Rogowski coil current sensors
  • Overcurrent, voltage sag and voltage swell detection
  • UART serial interface
  • Internal register protection via checksum and write-protection
  • On-chip voltage reference (25 ppm/°C typ.)
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Low power consumption: < 13mW
  • 16-pin SOIC package
  • On-chip measurements / calculations:
    • Active, reactive and apparent power
    • RMS voltage and current
    • Power factor and line frequency
    • Instantaneous voltage, current and power

Parametric Specifications

ADC Converters 2
Current Sensor Options Shunt resistor, current transformer, or Rogowski coil
Voltage Sensor Options Resistor divider or transformer
Active Power Accuracy 0.1% over 4000:1 dynamic range
Reactive Power Accuracy 0.1% over 4000:1 dynamic range
Power Factor Accuracy +/-0.1% over 1000:1 dynamic range
THD (dB) 100 (SNR: 80 dB)
Digital Outputs Single Configurable Output
Analog Power Supply (V) 3.3
Digital Power Supply (V) 3.3
Power Consumption (mW) 13
Package 16 SOIC

Software and Tools

CRD5490 Reference Design GUI

May 1, 2012, V1-P1 : 63962 Kb

CDB5490U Evaluation GUI

Mar 28, 2012, v2.2.2 : 27207 Kb


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