Smart Amplifiers Make Laptops Sound Great

Today’s consumers are using personal computing more than ever for listening to music, watching entertainment, voice conferencing and playing video games. This trend has consumers wanting the same audio experience achieved with larger speaker devices but in the new designs of thinner, lighter, flexible PC notebooks. Cirrus Logic’s DSP smart amplifier technology features advanced algorithms and intelligent speaker protection that can deliver loud, high-quality, consistent sound to create a more immersive audio experience in these new generations of laptops.

Small Speakers, BIG SOUND

Loudness is perhaps the most important consideration in the next generation of thinner, lighter laptop designs. A louder laptop is clearer and more intelligible to compensate for environmental noise during a wide variety of user experiences – like the sound of kids playing during a video conference call or noisy roommates interrupting an online lecture. Achieving maximum loudness from a micro speaker requires a delicate balance between getting more volume while maintaining the quality of the audio and protecting the speaker from damage. Cirrus Logic DSP smart amplifiers can drive up to three times the sound pressure from typical laptop speakers compared to basic amplifiers, while achieving maximum, distortion-free volume from audio systems that use multiple micro speakers.Cirrus Logic is the audio technology leader in extracting big sound from small speakers. Music, games and movies just sound better and more immersive when cranked up a little!

Experience Higher-Quality, Consistent Audio

Great audio isn’t just about increasing loudness – it’s also about quality. It’s about maintaining a clear and balanced sound with powerful bass while limiting distortion and rattle without over coloring the sound. The listener should hear every nuance as intended in the original recording. DSP smart amplifiers can drive micro speakers to their limits while extending the low range for deeper bass. Great audio should also be consistent, regardless of what content is playing or how high the system volume or the current state of the battery charge. In the case of 2-in-1 laptops, quality must be maintained regardless of the position of the laptop. Cirrus Logic DSP smart amplifiers bring hardware, software and tuning expertise together to ensure a high-quality and consistent audio experience in any laptop or 2-n-1.

Smart Amplifier Technology

Compared with basic amplifier technology, smart amplifier technology provides a louder, clearer, more immersive audio experience. Cirrus Logic DSP smart amplifiers feature our best-in-class Halo CoreTM digital signal processor, advanced speaker protection algorithms and on-chip sensing circuits to precisely measure the speaker’s real-time current and voltage.This safely drives laptop micro speakers to their limits for max sound pressure and bass.

Cirrus Logic audio enhancement algorithms further help maximize quality. A proprietary rattle limiter algorithm predicts speaker rattle and mechanical vibration to actively suppress sensitive frequencies and reduce distortion and vibration. Dynamic Bass Extension (DBE) maximizes bass performance at all volume levels, and ActisonicTM software automatically identifies speaker non-linearities and uses inverse filtering for a smoother frequency response. These algorithms, coupled with Cirrus Logic’s decade-long expertise tuning micro speakers, help enable an exceptional laptop audio experience.

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