Boosted Haptic Drivers with Integrated DSP, Waveform Memory, Closed‑Loop Algorithms and LRA/VCM Protection

The CS40L25 / CS40L25B family of haptic drivers integrate a self-contained haptic signal generator with the Cirrus Logic Halo Core™ DSP. Both hardware and signal processing are resonance-aware and designed specifically for optimal drive of highly-resonant LRAs or VCMs for switch-replacement and gaming applications. A Class D driver provides an advanced closed-loop architecture for superior power supply rejection ratio and a complementary output stage, while a digitally controlled voltage boost converter driver extends battery voltages up to 11 volts. The elevated VBST supply allows these devices to deliver up to 5.3 watts into a 6 Ω load at one percent THD+N. The CS40L25 supports basic haptics mode on hardware platforms with one GPI using the I2S interface. The CS40L25B supports hardware platforms using four GPI input pins.



Haptic Drivers

Application Categories

Smartphones, Automotive


Haptic driver
  • 11 V amplifier supply voltage MAX for fast startup and braking
  • Short circuit protection
  • Compatible with LRA impedances as low as 6 Ω
  • Class D architecture with adaptive output stage reduces idle power consumption, switching loses
Programmable DSP
  • Run real-time algorithms with reduced latency and reduced integration effort
  • Larger memory for more haptic effects
  • Eliminate complicated integration across platforms for running Audio-2-Haptics
Class H digital boost converter
  • 85% overall efficiency boost
  • Programmable boost voltages up to 11 V
  • High bandwidth digital control loop
  • 2 MHz switching frequency
  • Pulse skipping mode for improved efficiency during low power quiescent operation
Low latency for real time control of the haptic motor
  • Always-on listening to haptic trigger
  • Reduce time from trigger to achieving desired acceleration on the LRA
  • Wakeup from AoH hibernate mode in 5 ms
  • < 20 μA AoH hibernation
  • Provides performance consistency over voltage, temperature and external factors
    • No loss of acceleration strength of the LRA
Crisp, clean haptic performance
  • Can overdrive the motor for strong performance
  • Stopping the LRA immediately for crisp haptics with no ringing/buzzy effects
Closed-loop control for strong haptic effects and force-sensitive interface
  • Button replacement to enable new user experiences
  • Localized haptics
Simplified tuning
  • Almost like plug and play
  • Algorithms dynamically handle changes in actuator characteristics to eliminate the need to fine tune for long hours

Parametric Specifications

Description Haptic DSP + Boost Class D Amplifier (CS40L25)

Haptic DSP + Boost Class D Amplifier (CS40L25B)

Haptic DSP + Boost Class D Amplifier,AEC-Q100 Qualified, Automotive Version (CS40L25B-D)
Digital Power Supply (V) 1.8
Boosted Amplifier Digital Power Supply (V) 2.5-5.5
Output Power (W) @1% THD+N, into 6 ohm 5.3
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 - +85 (CS40L25)

-40 - +85 (CS40L25B)

-40 - +105 (CS40L25B-D)
Max Boost Converter Voltage (V) 11
GPI Iputs 1 (with I2S/TDM), 3 (w/o I2S/TDM) (CS40L25)

4 (CS40L25B)

4 (CS40L25B-D)
Package 30-ball WLCSP (CS40L25)

30-ball WLCSP Or 32-pin QFN (CS40L25B)

32-pin QFN with Wettable Flanks (CS40L25B-D)

Design Resources

WAN-0118 Guidelines

Sep 1, 2014, WAN_0118 rev 2.5 : 740 kb


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