Boosted Haptic Drivers with Integrated DSP, Waveform Memory, Closed‑Loop Algorithms and LRA/VCM Protection

The CS40L25 / CS40L25B family of haptic drivers integrate a self-contained haptic signal generator with the Cirrus Logic Halo Core™ DSP. Both hardware and signal processing are resonance-aware and designed specifically for optimal drive of highly-resonant LRAs or VCMs for switch-replacement and gaming applications. A Class D driver provides an advanced closed-loop architecture for superior power supply rejection ratio and a complementary output stage, while a digitally controlled voltage boost converter driver extends battery voltages up to 11 volts. The elevated VBST supply allows these devices to deliver up to 5.3 watts into a 6 Ω load at one percent THD+N. The CS40L25 supports basic haptics mode on hardware platforms with one GPI using the I2S interface. The CS40L25B supports hardware platforms using four GPI input pins.



Haptic Drivers


Haptic driver
  • 11 V amplifier supply voltage MAX for fast startup and braking
  • Short circuit protection
  • Compatible with LRA impedances as low as 6 Ω
  • Class D architecture with adaptive output stage reduces idle power consumption, switching loses
Programmable DSP
  • Run real-time algorithms with reduced latency and reduced integration effort
  • Larger memory for more haptic effects
  • Eliminate complicated integration across platforms for running Audio-2-Haptics
Class H digital boost converter
  • 85% overall efficiency boost
  • Programmable boost voltages up to 11 V
  • High bandwidth digital control loop
  • 2 MHz switching frequency
  • Pulse skipping mode for improved efficiency during low power quiescent operation
Low latency for real time control of the haptic motor
  • Always-on listening to haptic trigger
  • Reduce time from trigger to achieving desired acceleration on the LRA
  • Wakeup from AoH hibernate mode in 5 ms
  • < 20 μA AoH hibernation
  • Provides performance consistency over voltage, temperature and external factors
    • No loss of acceleration strength of the LRA
Crisp, clean haptic performance
  • Can overdrive the motor for strong performance
  • Stopping the LRA immediately for crisp haptics with no ringing/buzzy effects
Closed-loop control for strong haptic effects and force-sensitive interface
  • Button replacement to enable new user experiences
  • Localized haptics
Simplified tuning
  • Almost like plug and play
  • Algorithms dynamically handle changes in actuator characteristics to eliminate the need to fine tune for long hours

Parametric Specifications

Description Haptic DSP + Boost Class D Amplifier (CS40L25)

Haptic DSP + Boost Class D Amplifier (CS40L25B)

Haptic DSP + Boost Class D Amplifier,AEC-Q100 Qualified, Automotive Version (CS40L25B-D)
Digital Power Supply (V) 1.8
Boosted Amplifier Digital Power Supply (V) 2.5-5.5
Output Power (W) @1% THD+N, into 6 ohm 5.3
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 - +85 (CS40L25)

-40 - +85 (CS40L25B)

-40 - +105 (CS40L25B-D)
Max Boost Converter Voltage (V) 11
GPI Iputs 1 (with I2S/TDM), 3 (w/o I2S/TDM) (CS40L25)

4 (CS40L25B)

4 (CS40L25B-D)
Package 30-ball WLCSP (CS40L25)

30-ball WLCSP Or 32-pin QFN (CS40L25B)

32-pin QFN with Wettable Flanks (CS40L25B-D)

Design Resources

WAN-0118 Guidelines

Sep 1, 2014, WAN_0118 rev 2.5 : 740 kb


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