Laptops and Tablets

Mobile computers are getting thinner and using smaller speakers, while the traditional trackpad is giving way to ForcePad technology. “Smart” audio amplifiers are achieving great audio from space-constrained systems and haptics drivers are providing multilevel haptic feedback that’s changing the human-machine interface.


Featured Products

Audio Amplifiers

  • CS35L45

    Class D Audio Amplifier + Class H Boosted 15 V Converter with Integrated DSP Enables Maximum Loudness, Higher Bass

  • CS35L41

    11 V Boosted Mono Class D Amplifier with DSP Speaker Protection and Audio Enhancement

Haptic Drivers

  • CS40L25B

    Boosted Haptic Drivers with Integrated DSP, Waveform Memory, Closed‑Loop Algorithms and LRA/VCM Protection

  • CS40L26B

    Smart Haptic Driver Enables HD Haptics on Mobile Devices for Enhanced Gaming, Videos and Music

Smart Codecs

  • CS42L42

    Low Power Audio Codec with SoundWire and Audio Processing

    SoundClear® compatible
  • WM8281

    Low Power Smart Codec with Echo Cancellation

    SoundClear® compatible

D/A Converters

  • CS4398

    120 dB, 24-Bit, 192 kHz Stereo D/A Converter with DSD Support