With a focus on lowering system power, improving battery life, reducing board space and creating immersive user experiences, Cirrus Logic provides innovative ICs and software solutions for mobile devices.

Featured Products

Smart Codecs

  • WM8281

    Low Power Smart Codec with Echo Cancellation

    SoundClear® compatible
  • CS47L90

    Low Power, Highly Integrated Audio Codec Featuring SmartHIFI for Mobile Playback

Boosted Audio Amplifiers

  • CS35L41

    11 V Boosted Mono Class D Amplifier with DSP Speaker Protection and Audio Enhancement

Haptic Drivers

  • CS40L25/25B

    Boosted Haptic Drivers with Integrated DSP, Waveform Memory, Closed‑Loop Algorithms and LRA/VCM Protection

  • CS40L26/26B

    Smart Haptic Driver Enables HD Haptics on Mobile Devices for Enhanced Gaming, Videos and Music