Smart Haptic Driver Enables HD Haptics on Mobile Devices for Enhanced Gaming, Videos and Music

The CS40L26/CS40L26B is the industry’s leading self-contained haptic driver IC that integrates a DSP and Class D digital boost converter to enable advanced closed-loop control of the actuator, HD enabled haptics and audio generated haptics for use in smartphones, tablets and wearables. Advanced sensor-less velocity control (SVC) provides real-time braking and consistent acceleration of the LRA, plus wider bandwidth and broader frequency range – essential features for gaming UX.



Haptic Drivers

Application Categories

Smartphones, Wearables


Advanced closed-loop control
  • Sensor-less velocity control
  • Widens LRA bandwidth for consistent performance
  • LRA protection
Low latency for real-time control of the haptic motor
  • Wakeup from Always on Haptic hibernate mode in 5 ms
Haptic driver features
  • 11 V amplifier supply voltage for fast startup and braking
  • Short circuit protection
Programmable DSP
  • Faster processing – 130 MHz
Programmable effects
  • Easily design new haptics effects for UI/alerts/button replacement with state-of-the-art tools
  • On-chip ROM - 18 KB storage
Simplified tuning with advanced closed-loop automated characterization
  • Algorithm dynamically handles changes in actuator characteristics to eliminate the need to fine tune for long periods of time
Class D digital boost converter
  • 2 MHz switching frequency
System protection
  • IC thermal self-protection against over temperature
  • Battery rail reactive brownout system protection
Android 12 simplified integration
  • Audio coupled haptics with I2S support
  • Open wave table and chirp with scalability supports haptics APIs, with on the fly haptic generation

Parametric Specifications

Description Haptic DSP + Boost Class D Amplifier
Digital Power Supply (V) 1.8
Boosted Amplifier Digital Power Supply (V) 2.5-5.5
Output Power (W) @1% THD+N, into 6 ohm 5.3
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 - +85
Max Boost Converter Voltage (V) 11
GPI Iputs 1 (with I2S/TDM), 3 (w/o I2S/TDM) (CS40L26)

4 (CS40L26B)
Package 30-ball WLCSP


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