Low-Cost, Low-Noise 24-bit ADC

The CS5530 offers users of the popular CS5531/32/33/34 family of integrated Delta Sigma A/D Converters a lower-cost option – while offering the same low-noise performance and output word-rate flexibility – but with a reduced feature set. With a single differential input channel and a fixed gain of 64x in the high-performance chopper-stabilized instrumentation amplifier, noise performance is a very low 12 nV/√Hz at 0.01 Hz. Digital scaling is also available, which can provide additional effective gain of up to 40. The Delta Sigma modulator is identical to that used throughout the product family and features the same excellent 50/60 Hz rejection. The range of user-selectable output word rates is also unchanged, with 20 rates between 6.25 and 3,840 samples per second (SPS) when operating from a 4.9152 MHz main clock. With a simple 3-wire SPI and microwire-compatible serial interface, the CS5530 is easily connected to most popular microcontrollers. The combination of industry-leading performance and reduced feature set provides a low-cost alternative to this popular family of products, making the CS5530 an excellent solution in cost-sensitive weigh scale, temperature controller, digital panel meter, and similar industrial monitoring and control applications.



  • Chopper-stabilized instrumentation amplifier, 64X
    • 12 nV/√Hz @ 0.1 Hz (No 1/f noise)
    • 500 pA input current
  • Digital gain scaling up to 40x
  • Delta Sigma analog-to-digital converter
    • Linearity error: 0.0015% FS
    • Noise free resolution: up to 19 bits
  • Scalable VREF input: up to analog supply
  • Simple three-wire serial interface
    • SPI™ and Microwire™ compatible
    • Schmitt-trigger on serial clock (SCLK)
  • Onboard offset and gain calibration registers
  • Selectable word rates: 6.25 to 3,840 sps
  • Selectable 50 or 60 Hz rejection
  • Power supply configurations
    • VA+ = +5 V; VA- = 0 V; VD+ = +3 V to +5 V
    • VA+ = +2.5 V; VA- = -2.5 V; VD+ = +3 V to +5 V
    • VA+ = +3 V; VA- = -3 V; VD+ = +3 V
  • Package: 20-pin SSOP; option for lead-free assembly

Parametric Specifications

Resolution (bits) 24
Throughput (Sps) 6.25-3840
Integral Linearity (%FS) 0.0015
Differential Linearity (±LSB) NMC
Channels 1
Power Consumption (mW) 35
Package 20 SSOP

Technical Documents

CS5530 Product Data Sheet

Nov 3, 2009, DS742F3 : 266 Kb


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