High performance 2-channel analog-to-digital converter

The CS5302P is part of a new series of pro audio converters aimed at providing the most transparent audio conversion within one device that is simple to use and integrate. The CS5302P is a high-performance, 32-bit resolution, two-channel ADC that supports differential analog input and 32-bit digital output via the audio serial port (ASP) at sample rates up to 768 kHz.The CS5302P uses a 5th-order, multibit sigma-delta modulator followed by digital filtering and decimation. This provides a dynamic range of over 126 dB and THD+N below -110 dB.The device can be powered from a single rail and controlled by either hardware pins, I2C or SPI, making it both flexible and easy to integrate. This, together with Cirrus’s new hybrid gain control feature, makes the CS5302P ideal for digital mixing consoles, DAW interfaces, effects processors and audio/video receivers.



Audio A/D Converters


  • High performance two-channel ADC
    • Differential analog architecture
    • High-resolution 32-bit digital architecture
    • Low-latency digital filters and digital volume control
  • PLL supports range of external system-clock references
  • Synchronous operation across multiple devices
  • Synchronized control of external preamplifier gain
  • Audio serial port (ASP) sample rates up to 768 kHz
    • I2S, left-justified, and TDM data formats
  • Hardware and software control modes
    • Hardware control with no host processor required
    • I2C control port up to 1 MHz
    • SPI control port up to 24 MHz
  • Single-supply operation at 3.3 V
    • Support for 1.8 V–3.3 V digital input/output

Parametric Specifications

Channels (Inputs) 2
Resolution (bits) 32
Dynamic Range (dB) 126
THD+N (dB) -110
Sample Rate (kHz) 768
Analog Inputs/Outputs Differential
Analog Power Supply (V) 3.3
Digital Power Supply (V) 3.3
Logic Power Supply (V) 1.8-3.3
Operational Power Consumption (mW) 108
Package 48-pin QFN

Technical Documents

CS5302 Product Bulletin

Jun 19, 2023 : 1.6 Mb


May 1, 2023, DS1352DB1 : 2 Mb

CDB-DC5302P-ADC User Guide

Sep 1, 2022, DS1361DB1 : 2.1 Mb

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