Low Power DSP with Microphone Interface and “Always on Voice” for Portable Audio Applications

The CS48L32 combines power optimized mic inputs with a programmable HaloCore™ to provide a platform for low power input voice processing; ideal for IOT devices, wearable and mobile applications where maximizing the battery life is essential.The CS48L32 features a 24-bit audio processor with 104 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) mic input (16 kHz) and supports up to four analog or four digital microphone (DMIC) inputs. Low power input modes are available for “always on voice” (i.e., voice trigger) functionality using either analog or digital input. Two additional digital audio serial ports can support a wide range of audio sample rates and serial interface formats. This IC can be powered from 1.8 and 1.2 volt supplies and its power, clocking and output driver architectures are designed to maximize battery life when in voice, music and standby modes.The Halo Core DSP supports multiple concurrent audio features, including voice-trigger detection, noise reduction, media enhancement, plus more. Support for third-party DSP programming provides far-reaching opportunities for product differentiation.



Audio DSPs, Smart Codecs


  • HaloCore™ digital signal processor
    • Dual MAC, 100 MHz audio signal processor
    • 280 kB program memory, 768 kB data memory
    • FFT, LMS and FIR accelerators
  • Event logger with time stamp and interrupt functions
  • Up to 4 analog or 4 digital microphone inputs
  • Two multi-channel audio serial ports (ASP), supporting data formats up to 192 kHz, 32 bits
  • Flexible clocking configuration, incorporating a low power frequency-locked loop (FLL)
  • 2 A/D Converters
    • SnR = 99 dB
    • THD+N = -88 dB
    • Sample rate 8 -> 192 kHz
  • Integrated micbias support
  • Multi-channel sample-rate conversion
  • Configurable functions on multiple GPIOs
  • Small WLCSP package (0.4-mm ball array)
  • 3rd Party algorithms available, please see https://www.cirrus.com/support/software-partners

Parametric Specifications

Processor Single 32-bit
DSP Core Speed 100 MHz (dual MAC)
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40-85
Package 64 WLCSP;
64 QFN

Technical Documents

CS48L32 Product Data Sheet

Nov 1, 2019, DS1219F4 : 6.3 Mb

Design Resources

WAN-0118 Guidelines

Sep 1, 2014, WAN_0118 rev 2.5 : 740 kb


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