Ethical Employment Practices

We are committed to attracting and retaining top talent in our diverse, global workforce through programs based on competitive compensation, benefits and an outstanding corporate culture that fosters camaraderie, collaboration and career development. We adhere to core principles of human rights by complying with international standards and by establishing a safe, healthy working environment based on respect and fairness for all employees, regardless of gender, nationality or ethnicity. View our human rights policy statement here.

Employee Retention

We believe that empowering a diverse and inclusive workplace and showing a commitment to employee development are more valuable than ever. This has contributed to the company’s continued outperformance compared to the industry in voluntary turnover.

Employee Turnover/Time With Company Data
*Radford Salary Increase and Turnover Study
Source: Cirrus Logic Employees Worldwide as of FY22 ending March 26, 2022


Cirrus Logic is dedicated to hiring and developing a global workplace that values each individual and their contributions to our corporate success. We regularly review our hiring processes to ensure they adhere to our core principles of equality in the workforce. We are focused on increasing engagement with all genders and underrepresented groups and have adopted strategies to create an even more inclusive and positive work environment.

Employee Gender Diversity Chart
*Cirrus Logic’s Chief Culture Officer resigned in November 2021; her replacement, Ms. Denise Grodé, Chief Human Resources Officer, joined the company at the beginning of FY23.
Source: Cirrus Logic Employees Worldwide as of FY22 ending March 26, 2022

Health and Safety

Cirrus Logic is committed to providing a safe working environment for our global workforce. A dedicated team of Health and Safety professionals provides the tools, training, and programs to help ensure compliance with all global standards. Our programs keep our employees safe at work and provide resources and support to protect their social, emotional, and physical well-being.

Risk Assessments and Hazard Identification

Cirrus Logic conducts risk assessments for health and safety and complies with all workforce standards in an effort to prevent accidents, incidents and unsafe workplace practices. We routinely review our activities, equipment and the use of certain chemicals to ensure health and safety protocols are properly maintained.

Health and Safety Management System

Cirrus Logic has a health and safety management system, accessible to all our employees through a dedicated Health and Safety portal. Employees are encouraged to provide suggestions to improve the safety in the workplace. Health and Safety performance is monitored and managed by our in-house team.

Incident prevention

In the event of an incident, the situation is investigated and analyzed for a root cause so that corrective actions can be taken to prevent any further recurrence and ensure the health and safety of our employees.


Regular education, specialized training and e-learning tools are provided to share site-specific safety information for employees. Our goal is to ensure our employees have the skills, training, and preparedness they need to minimize the risk of illness and injury while in the workplace. Trainings include first aid and evacuation exercises to ensure emergency preparedness. Employees working in our research facilities receive specialized, role-specific training for health and safety matters.


  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

Our Focus on Innovation

Innovation is more than just one of our core values - it drives our company's success.

Cirrus Logic’s customers are leaders in the markets we serve and our products are utilized in some of the most creative products on the planet. With each new product, Cirrus Logic employees push the boundaries of innovation for the integrated circuits used in everyday products by consumers across the globe. Our substantial investment in research and development funds advanced-process technology development, new product introductions and expansion in adjacent application areas. This investment is critical to fuel future opportunities. We protect our intellectual property with a strong portfolio of patents worldwide, which enables us to offer differentiated products.

Patents Held by Cirrus Logic 4,270
Source: Cirrus Logic as of Feb 02, 2023

Workplace Recognition and Awards

Cirrus Logic believes our employees are at the center of why our company continues to be recognized as one of the top companies to work for on both a regional and national level. By fostering a family-focused culture based on regular employee feedback used to direct new employee programs and services, we continue to build strong core values based on communication, integrity, innovation, continuous improvement and job satisfaction. Cirrus Logic is proud of the recognition we have received from these influential organizations who assess workplace culture.

USA Top Work Place 2022
Austin American-Statesman 2021
Clued In Leaders Badge
Technology Badge
Top Leaders Badge
Communication Badge
Innovation Badge
USA Top Work Place 2022
Austin American-Statesman 2021
Clued In Leaders Badge
Technology Badge
Top Leaders Badge
Communication Badge
Innovation Badge

Caring for Our People

Global benefits go well beyond just offering highly competitive compensation. Cirrus Logic believes it is important to provide our employees with company-sponsored health insurance programs, generous personal time off allowance, and a wide variety of programs to recognize and reward each employee within our family-friendly atmosphere.

Employee Benefits

Through a carefully selected network of healthcare providers in each of our global locations, we believe our benefits are a key reason for our exceptional level of employee retention.

  • Company sponsored healthcare (medical, dental, vision, disability, etc.)
  • 401(k) and related pension schemes
  • Generous personal time off (PTO)
  • Discounts for childcare and subsidies for family care
  • Parental leave, surrogacy and adoption assistance programs, and fertility coverage
  • Emergency travel assistance for employees

Employee Health and Wellness Programs

At Cirrus Logic, we believe wellness is a way of life and plays an important role in maintaining our dynamic workforce.

  • On-site medical clinic in Austin for Cirrus Logic employees and their covered dependents
  • Biometric testing
  • Flu shot clinics
  • Preventative health screenings
  • On-site fitness facilities at major locations
  • Free confidential mental health support and monthly wellness seminars
  • Wellness and fitness classes such as cardio, yoga, weight training
  • COVID-19 testing and vaccines

Employee Learning and Professional Development

Cirrus Logic prides itself on maintaining an employee learning and professional development program to maximize our employees’ success. We believe our employees place a high degree of value on their personal advancement and are eager to learn. We also sponsor memberships to professional organizations that are dedicated to empowering our employees to achieve their full potential as leaders and in their careers.

Educational Assistance

Cirrus Logic provides tuition reimbursement for undergraduate and graduate level students. Continuing education plays an important role in supporting our employees’ career development and advancement.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Facilitating learning and sharing best practices across the organization are important aspects of employee development. Our in-house experts have a wealth of insights and we are always looking for opportunities to bring in outside experts to promote the exchange of ideas in new areas. We promote this through events like Tech Talk Tuesdays, where academic and industry leaders regularly speak with our employees about their research and facilitate thought-provoking dialogues, and KnowledgeShares, where in-house experts talk about the work they are doing with their teams to increase employee understanding of the innovation occurring across the company.


Cirrus Logic provides on-site and virtual corporate libraries that are supported by a dedicated librarian to provide a wealth of information via online subscriptions, print materials, research assistance, and tutorials. These libraries provide important research services for our technologists that save time and help advance engineering projects. In addition, we provide access to books, technical reports, journal articles, leadership development and more. Our employees also have free access to Audible for Business, adding flexibility to access more learning and development opportunities.


Cirrus Logic has developed a variety of recognition programs to reward both individual employees and teams for exceptional efforts in the areas of innovation, critical project development or just for making that extra effort.

Employee Resource Groups

Women’s Leadership Team (WLT)

Women’s Leadership Team (WLT)

The mission of the WLT ERG is to cultivate an inclusive environment that supports and encourages women to advance their skills and leadership potential through connection, mentorship, and collaboration. In FY22, the WLT’s global membership increased by 41 percent.

Cirrus Logic Environmental Action Network (CLEAN)

Cirrus Logic Environmental Action Network (CLEAN)

In FY22, we launched a sustainability ERG that will support our employees’ environmental education and stewardship efforts. CLEAN’s leadership team is comprised of employees representing our offices in Asia, the U.K., and the U.S. For every new member, CLEAN adopts a honeybee in their honor through the World Wildlife Federation’s Adopt-a-Honeybee program.

Employee Engagement

From monthly concerts, to weekly happy hours, to family-friendly events, Cirrus Logic's commitment to building an engaged workforce is becoming legendary.

Coming to the office has never been so fun! From free snacks, jam rooms, guitar lessons, on-site massage AND of course, foosball!
Hong Kong employees and their families work together to build a terrarium courtesy of the Cirrus Logic Environmental Action Network (CLEAN).
Inventors receive the royal treatment for their accomplishments with a brand new guitar and a fancy party.
Supporting the communities in which we live, and work is an important part of Cirrus Logic’s culture. This includes going outside and creating beautiful community gardens!
Employees get a behind-the-scenes look at our labs and what goes on in our anechoic chambers.
Family is everything. Cirrus Logic celebrates our families by providing fun opportunities all year round, but especially during the summer!
Cirrus Logic participates in various charity runs across the globe. It’s always great to see employees at the start line gearing up for a run.
Mother’s Day is special for all of us. In our Asia offices, we celebrate the women in our lives with a nice gift.
Birthdays are important, and Cirrus starts every month with a birthday celebration to recognize all our of employees!
Working at Cirrus Logic guarantees you access to many talented people including many who play music. Re-Union Jacked formed to participate in the Corporate Battle of the Bands for charity.
Laser tag calls for great skill and fierce competition, but our Taipei employees know how to keep it friendly too.