ISO Management Systems

Quality Management System

The Cirrus Logic Quality Management System (QMS) defines how quality is built into every facet of the company’s design and development processes, as well as the systems that govern the manufacturing supply chain through fabrication, test and delivery. Our QMS guides how we measure and continually improve the degree to which customer requirements and the quality policy are satisfied. The efficiency and effectiveness of our QMS is reviewed on a regular basis.

The Quality department participates in each Quarterly Data Review (QDR) where metrics are reviewed by senior management to assess the relevance and progress of the quality system. Actions pertaining to the quality system are assigned and documented at this review. An annual summary of internal audits is published by the Quality department and distributed to senior management. Findings are reviewed with each department manager for necessary corrective actions.

Change Management

Cirrus Logic follows JEDEC standards (JESD46) for customer notification of product/process changes. Prior to customer notification, changes to datasheet, wafer fabrication, assembly, or test undergo a rigorous internal change management process.

Environmental Management System

Cirrus Logic’s Environmental Management System (EMS) describes the way that consideration for environmental aspects is built into the design, development, and operational life cycle of our products as well as the everyday activities of employees. The effectiveness of the EMS’s ability to manage Cirrus Logic’s environmental impact is assessed on a regular basis through internal audits, compliance obligations audits, and a periodic senior management review of the audit results. Subsequent corrective actions and opportunities for improvement are reviewed with applicable department managers.

Environmental Policy

Cirrus Logic is committed to:

  • Delivering innovative, energy-efficient signal processing solutions that are developed based on environmentally friendly chip designs
  • Protecting the health and sustainability of our environment and addressing its’ significant environmental aspects, our relevant compliance obligations, and risks and opportunities
  • Continually improving our EMS to enhance our environmental performance and pollution prevention

Environmental Objectives

Our Environmental Management System enables us to fulfill our commitment to:

  • Mitigate negative impact on the environment wherever technically and commercially feasible
  • Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and customer requirements with integrity and transparency
  • Contribute to building a better, cleaner world for our local communities through participation in programs for environmental sustainability and inspiring employees and their families to engage in environmental activities in the workplace and beyond

ISO Certifications

  • Cirrus Logic maintains an ISO 9001 certification and requires all suppliers to be ISO 9001 and/or IATF 16949 certified.
  • Cirrus Logic maintains an ISO 14001 certification and is continually improving our EMS to enhance our environmental performance.
  • Cirrus Logic maintains a Sony Green Partner certification for environmental standards.

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