High Capacity Audio DSPs

The CS49834/44 Audio DSPs provide high capacity processing for today’s new generation of surround sound applications. The DSPs support all legacy DVD audio codecs and all Blu-ray Disc® audio formats, along with enough DSP capacity to support a wide variety of concurrent post processing algorithms all in a single chip without need for external memory. When the performance requirements require more processing, designers can easily migrate between the CS49834 and CS49844 pin compatible devices that have three and four cores, respectively. Support for home audio applications is through a third party. Please contact your local sales representative for information.

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Audio DSPs


  • Single chip solution for Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X
  • Multi-channel decoding and post processing
  • Tri-Core (CS49834) / Quad-Core (CS49844) 32 bit DSP
  • I²S and S/PDIF
  • Serial control ports
  • Cirrus Logic DSP tool support

Parametric Specifications

Processor Triple 32-bit (CS49834)
Quad 32-bit (CS49844)
DSP Core Speed 300 MHz
Operating Temperature Range (°C) 0-70
Package 144 LQFP


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