Wireless Cameras

Clear® technology enables a voice command interface to wireless cameras including low power, always-on voice processors with ASR Enhance.

Wireless Cameras
EveryWordTM Far-Field AVS Development Kit

Highlighted components are offered by Cirrus Logic.

System Features

ASR Enhance

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) preprocessing for increased accuracy in noisy environments.

Always-On Voice

Reliable wake word recognition from one foot or from across the room.

Low Power

Supports ultra-low power implementation of TrulyHandsfree technology from Sensory, Inc.

Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation

Multi-mic noise reduction and non-linear echo suppression algorithm support.

Wind Noise Reduction

Using the patented algorithms and processing power found in Cirrus Logic's A/D converters and smart codecs, wind-noise can be reduced on your recordings.

Compatible Products


Portable Codecs

  • WM8962B

    Ultra Low Power Codecs for Portable Audio Applications

Smart Codecs

  • CS47L24

    Ultra Compact, Low Power Smart Codec with Dual Core DSP

    SoundClear compatible
  • CS47L35

    Smart Codec with Low Power Audio DSP

    SoundClear compatible
  • CS47L90

    Low Power, Highly Integrated Audio Codec Featuring SmartHIFI for Mobile Playback

    SoundClear compatible
  • WM8281

    Low Power Smart Codec with Echo Cancellation

    SoundClear compatible

EveryWordTM Far-Field AVS Development Kit

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Highlighted components are offered by Cirrus Logic.

System Features

  • Increases accuracy and reliability of “Alexa” wake-word triggering and command recognition, at 6+ meters far-field distances and in noisy environments
  • Supports 6+ meters far-field operation with 2, 3, or 4 microphones
  • Flexible Technology supports arbitrary mic array geometries, including circular, square, triangular, linear or 3-D
  • AEC is scalable to mono, stereo, 3-channel, and 5-channel (surround movie or music) use cases
  • Includes local high accuracy large model Amazon voice trigger or Sensory voice trigger
  • Supports far-field voice call mode and in-call voice triggering
  • Suitable for wall-powered devices or portable battery-operated products with low mW consumption
  • 6 mics built-in, ready to be configured for testing circular, square, triangular, and line arrays in 4-mic, 3-mic or 2-mic designs
  • AVS compliant LED indicators and mic-mute button
  • Connectivity includes Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth 4.1, stereo line out, USB device port, as well as a USB host port for connection to external USB soundcard
  • Also includes expansion bus for connecting GPIOs, ASPs, SPI, I2C, and PDM mics
  • Web-based firmware control console for simplified interactive operation, mic array selection, acoustic tuning and diagnostics

Kit Visual

Compatible Products


Portable Codecs

  • WM8998

    24-Bit Hi-Fi Audio Hub with 3 A/D Converters, 7 D/A Converters and up to 6 analog or 3 digital microphone inputs

Audio Amplifiers

  • CS35L41

    11 V Boosted Mono Class D Amplifier with DSP Speaker Protection and Audio Enhancement


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