Smart Televisions, Set-Top Boxes

Cirrus Logic’s new high performance far-field voice processing solutions enable voice command interface for televisions and set-top boxes while delivering accurate, low power triggering and local command recognition for distances up to six meters. These solutions support multi-channel echo cancellation and barge-in while improving ASR.

Highlighted components are offered by Cirrus Logic.

System Features

Far-Field Voice Control

Far-Field Voice Control

Always-on voice control with local wake word and robust noise reduction to six meter distances.

Multi-Channel Barge-In Capabilities

Multi-Channel Barge-In Capabilities

Even when your device is playing multi-channel audio.

Far-Field Voice Comms

Far-Field Voice Comms

Full-duplex voice call from far-field distances just like a face to face conversation and in-call triggering.

FlexArray<sup class='reg'>TM</sup> Technology

FlexArrayTM Technology

Position mics anywhere for industrial design freedom and uniqueness.

Compatible Products


Portable Codecs

Boosted Mono Class D Amplifier with DSP Speaker Protection and Audio Enhancement.

  • WM8998

    24-Bit Hi-Fi Audio Hub with 3 A/D Converters, 7 D/A Converters and up to 6 analog or 3 digital microphone inputs

  • CS4398

    120 dB, 24-Bit, 192 kHz Stereo D/A Converter with DSD Support


  • CS35L41

    11 V Boosted Mono Class D Amplifier with DSP Speaker Protection and Audio Enhancement

Voice Processors

  • CS48LV41F

    Multi-Mic, Far-Field Voice Processor Featuring Voice Control and Communications up to 6+ Meters

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