CobraNet Installation Support

Although installing an audio network is a bit different than installing an analog audio system, it’s every bit as straightforward once you understand some basic concepts. This section of the website provides general information and tips to guide you through the installation process – from establishing the basic infrastructure requirements all the way through system commissioning.

The Network Cabling page provides a good overview of the types of cables and connectors used in a typical CobraNet network. It also describes connector pin-outs, recommended practices and provides informative links to cabling installation magazines, cable manufacturers and telecommunications organizations.

Once your network is up and running, the Common Problems page can help speed the testing and commissioning process along. This informative page provides a thorough list of symptoms and solutions that can make troubleshooting a network much easier.

The CobraNet Management information base (MIB) file specifies and enumerates the Simple network management protocol (SNMP) control and monitoring interface of CobraNet devices. The CobraNet MIB is available in machine readable ASN.1 format. This file format can be read by most SNMP management platforms.