CobraNet Indicators

Check for proper operation of a CobraNet® device by checking the following indicators:

  • Check the power indicator to ensure that the device is receiving the proper power supply. Power indicators can vary by specific product.
  • Check indicator lights on the connected switches to make sure a good link exists and that the data rate is at least 100 Megabits. For a description of switch indicators, refer to the manual provided by your switch manufacturer.
  • Check the RJ-45 connection indicator lights for your CobraNet interface device as detailed below. Please note: if your device has two RJ-45 connections (the most common case), the lights for each connection will behave identically.

CM-1 Devices

Up to Rev E. Board

Condition Left LED Right LED
Conductor Flashing Green Solid Orange
Performer Flashing Orange Solid Green
Fault Flashing Red Flashing Red

CM-2, Silicon Series or CM-1 Rev F (and later) Devices

Condition Left LED Right LED
Conductor Flashing Orange Flashing Green
Performer Solid Orange Flashing Green
Fault Flashing Orange Flashing Orange