CobraNet Products for Developers

Cirrus Logic does not sell CobraNet products. Cirrus licenses CobraNet technology for integration into products produced by CobraNet licensees. Cirrus Logic does offer the following products to licensees and prospective licensees to aid in integrating CobraNet technology into audio products and software.

The quickest route to integration of CobraNet technology is by using the CM-1 or CM-2 module. In this approach, modules are purchased from Cirrus Logic and assembled into products during production or as a field upgrade. This approach is available to licensees and affiliates. CobraNet licensees receive schematics and other deliverables giving them the option of integrating the CM-1 or CM-2 circuitry directly into their products.

The EV-2 is an example CobraNet device for use by licensees and potential licensees in evaluating CobraNet technology and as a platform to jump start the process of integrating CobraNet into an audio product.

Cirrus Logic also offers a set of Component Object Module (COM) objects which are useful in creating CobraNet aware Windows applications.

Audio manufacturers can also easily and cost-effectively incorporate the CobraNet audio networking technology into their product designs via the CS1810xx and CS4961xx ICs. These families of highly integrated ICs provide 2, 8 or 16 simultaneous channels of audio input and output at either 48 kHz or 96 kHz sample rates. The CS4961xx has all of the features of the CS1810xx and adds a 32-bit fixed-point DSP for custom programming using the DSP Conductor software tool.