101 dB, 192 kHz Stereo A/D Converter

The CS5340 performs sampling, A/D conversion and anti-alias filtering, generating 24-bit values for both left and right inputs in serial form at sample rates up to 200 kHz per channel. The CS5340 is ideal for audio systems requiring wide dynamic range, negligible distortion, and low noise.

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Application Categories

Smart Home


  • Analog/digital core supplies from 3.3 - 5 V
  • Supports logic levels between 1.8 - 5 V
  • Auto-mode selection
  • Pin-compatible with CS5341

Parametric Specifications

Channels (Inputs) 2
Resolution (bits) 24
Dynamic Range (dB) 101
THD+N (dB) -94
Sample Rate (kHz) 192
Analog Inputs/Outputs Single-ended
Analog Power Supply (V) 3.3-5
Digital Power Supply (V) 3.3-5
Logic Power Supply (V) 1.8-5
Operational Power Consumption (mW) 90-220
Package 16 TSSOP


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