High-Performance, Low Cost 32-Bit Audio Processor

The 32-bit CS48520 and CS48540 audio DSPs are designed to enable unique digital signal processing audio software features for flat-panel digital television applications. The CS48520 and CS48540 ICs give OEMs a cost-effective and simple-to-design solution capable of providing an extensive selection of audio features that allow OEMs to provide consumers with enhanced audio features and maximize the flat-panel television’s overall audio system. The CS48520 provides four channels of in/out audio and is ideally designed for two or 2.1-channel stereo applications, whereas the CS48540 provides eight channels of in/out audio and is targeted for multi-channel systems. Among the consumer features that can be implemented using the CS48500 family: Multi-channel and virtual surround sound, Dynamic volume control, Enhanced listening modes, Bass management, Speaker and cabinet tuning, Automatic room equalization, A/V sync delay. To assist manufacturers, Cirrus Logic also provides DSP Composer™, a PC-based graphical interface software tool designed to give engineers a simple, powerful user interface from which to configure the audio processing performed by the ICs. Support for home audio applications is through a third party. Please contact your local sales representative for information.



Audio DSPs


  • Multi-channel 32-bit audio post processing at 150 MHz
  • Up to 12 channels of 32-bit PCM input
  • Up to 6 channels of DSD input (SACD)
  • Up to 12 channels of 32-bit PCM output
  • 192 kHz SPDIF Tx
  • SPI™/I²C® main or secondary serial control port
  • Low power standby: 350 µW
  • Hardware watchdog timer
  • Up to 19 GPIOs available
  • Dual clock domains on PCM input
  • Dual processing paths on PCM output
  • Customer software security keys
  • Large on-chip X, Y, and program RAM & ROM
  • Programmable via DSP composer
  • Licensed 3rd party audio processing algorithms in ROM
    • Dolby Headphone® 2 & Dolby® Virtual Speaker®
    • SRS TruSurround XT®
    • Dolby® ProLogic® II & Dolby® ProLogic® IIx
    • SRS® CSII®
    • Cirrus Logic original surround
  • Licensed 3rd party algorithms or custom firmware can be downloaded through SPI™/I²C®port
    • Audistry
    • BBE
    • Neural surround
    • DTS Neo:6™

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Technical Documents

32-bit DSP Assembly Programmer's Guide

Oct 25, 2013, DS795UM11 : 5438 Kb

CS48520/40/60 Product Data Sheet

Oct 31, 2011, DS734F5 : 348 Kb

CS485xx Hardware User's Manual

Aug 6, 2009, DS734UM7 : 1729 Kb

CS485xx Product Bulletin

Oct 31, 2008, 0186-0108-PB : 3627 Kb


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