Clock Generation and Multiplication/Jitter Reduction Solution

A clock circuit IC, the CS2200 featuring both a clock generator and clock multiplier/jitter reduced clock frequency synthesizer (clean up), Cirrus Logic’s CS2x00 family is a strong entrant into the clock IC market. Based on an innovative hybrid analog-to-digital phase lock loop, the CS2x00 gives system designers a unique solution for solving the complex challenges of clock generation and multiplication/jitter reduction. The members of the CS2x00 product family are differentiated by the method of control and/or a hardware mode configuration. The CS2200-CP is controlled via an I²C® / SPI™ control port and supports the full functionality of the CS2200. The CS2200-OTP is controlled in hardware mode via three mode pins. The functionality of the eight selectable modes is user defined and configured via the one-time-programmable feature. The CS2x00 is a growing family of products based on the CS2200 and configured by Cirrus Logic to support common system requirements. Please contact Cirrus Logic for factory configuration of the CS2x00 to support your unique requirements.



  • High-performance analog/digital phase locked loop
  • Clock multiplier/jitter reduction
    • Generates a low-jitter 6 – 75 MHz output clock from a jittery or intermittent 50 Hz to 30 MHz clock source
  • Clock generation/frequency synthesis
    • Generates a low-jitter 6 – 75 MHz clock relative to 8 – 75 MHz reference clock
  • Highly accurate PLL multiplication factor
    • Less than 1 PPM error
  • Flexible control options
    • One-time-programmable configuration for hardware mode
    • I²C® / SPI™ control port
  • Configurable auxiliary output
    • Buffered reference clock
    • PLL Lock indication
    • Second PLL output
    • Buffered version of CLK_IN
  • Flexible sourcing of reference clock
    • External oscillator or clock source
    • Supports inexpensive local crystal
  • Minimal board space required
    • No external analog loop-filter components required

Parametric Specifications

Discontinued Product
Recommended Replacement: CS2500, CS2501, CS2600

Technical Documents

CS2000 Product Bulletin

Oct 5, 2007, 0201-0807-PB : 956 Kb

Design Resources

CDK2000 Development Platform Data Sheet

May 5, 2008, CDK2000 Development Platform Data Sheet : 1509 Kb


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