Switched vs. Repeater

The steep decline in prices and incline in capabilities of Ethernet switches means that switching is usually the preferred technology for new CobraNet installations. You must install a switched network if ANY of the following statements are true for your installation:

  • The distance between the most distant network devices is greater than 2 kilometers
  • I want to put PCs or other non-CobraNet Ethernet devices on this network
  • Fault tolerance or remote fault detection of network components is desired.
  • I plan on distributing more than 64 audio channels on this network or would like the option of expanding beyond 64 channels in the future
  • I’d like to use Gigabit Ethernet.

Repeater hubs may be considered if ALL of the following are true for your installation:

  • My network is relatively small (diameter less than 2 kilometers).
  • I am distributing less than 64 audio channels.
  • I wish to dedicate separate network gear to the audio distribution application.
  • Future expansion of the network is unlikely.