Cirrus Logic's Control lets you be understood under any circumstances

Control solutions from Cirrus Logic enable “always on” voice activation and control of a device without keeping the application processor awake.

Control Technologies

ASR Enhance

ASR Enhance

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) preprocessing for increased ASR accuracy in noisy environments means your commands can be heard no matter what is happening around you.

Always-On Voice Wake

Always-On Voice Wake

As low power experts, Cirrus Logic's always-on voice allows your mobile device to be ready at a moment’s notice to take your voice command.

Barge In Capabilities

Barge In Capabilities

Hands-free control even when your device is playing another audio driven application.

Seamless Control

Seamless Control

Cirrus Logic enables a continuous flow from wake to instruction without having to wait for a beep.

Always-On Ultrasonic Control

Always-On Ultrasonic Control

Capability to replace costly IR circuits and remove unnecessary additional apertures by utilizing existing microphones and receivers with Always-On Ultrasonic Control software.

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SoundClear Control Demo

Cirrus Logic's SoundClear® technology elevates the user experience ...

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Recommended Hardware

Portable Codecs

  • WM8962

    Ultra low power codec for portable audio applications

  • CS42L51

    Stereo codec with headphone amplifier

  • CS42L52

    Stereo codec with Class D speaker driver

D/A Converters

  • CS43L21

    98 dB, 96 kHz, low power, stereo D/A converter

  • WM8918

    Ultra low power stereo DAC with headphone driver, 3 line inputs

  • CS4398

    120 dB, 24-bit, 192 kHz stereo D/A converter with DSD support


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