Crystal LAN® 100Base-X, 10Base-T Transceiver and 100Base-Fx Interface

The CS8952 uses CMOS technology to deliver a high-performance, 100Base-X/10Base-T physical layer (PHY) line interface. It makes use of an adaptive equalizer optimized for noise and near-end crosstalk (NEXT) immunity to extend receiver operation to cable lengths exceeding 160 meters. In addition, the transmit circuitry has been designed to provide extremely low transmit jitter (<400 ps) for improved link partner performance. Transmit driver common mode noise has been minimized to reduce EMI (electromagnetic interference) for simplified FCC certification. The CS8952 incorporates a standard media independent interface (MII) for easy connection to a variety of 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps media access controllers (MACs). The CS8952 also includes a pseudo-ECL (emitter coupled logic) interface for use with 100Base-Fx fiber interconnect modules.

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  • Single-chip IEEE 802.3 physical interface IC for 100Base-X and 10Base-T
  • Adaptive equalizer provides extended length operation (>160 m) with superior noise immunity and NEXT margin
  • Extremely low transmit jitter (<400 ps)
  • Low-common-mode noise on Tx driver for reduced EMI
  • Integrated Rx and Tx filters for 10Base-T
  • Compensation for back-to-back 'Killer Packets'
  • Digital interfaces supported
    • MII for 100Base-X and 10Base-T
    • Repeater 5-bit code-group interface (100Base-X)
    • 10Base-T serial interface
  • Register set compatible with DP83840A
  • IEEE 802.3 Auto-Negotiation with Next Page support
  • Six LED drivers (LNK, COL, FDX, Tx, Rx and SPD)
  • Low-power (135 mA typ.) CMOS design (5 V supply)
  • Package: 100-pin TQFP; lead-free assembly

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