6-Channel Delta Sigma A/D Converter

The CS5451A is a highly integrated, Delta Sigma analog/digital converter (ADC) developed for the power measurement industry. The CS5451A combines six Delta Sigma ADCs, decimation filters and a serial interface on a single chip.
The CS5451A interfaces directly to a current transformer or shunt to measure current and to a resistive divider or transformer to measure voltage. The product features a serial interface for communication with a microcontroller or DSP. The product is initialized and fully functional upon reset and includes a voltage reference.

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Energy Measurement


  • 16-bit, fourth-order modulator
  • Synchronous sampling
  • Simple 4-wire serial interface
  • Charge pump driver output generates negative power supply
  • Ground-referenced bipolar inputs
  • Power supply configurations
    • VA+ = 3 V; VA- = -2 V; VD+ = 3 V
    • Supply tolerances ±10%
  • On-chip 1.2 V reference (25 ppm/°C typ.)
  • Low-power consumption
  • Package: 28-pin SSOP; lead-free assembly

Parametric Specifications

ADC Converters 6
Current Sensor Options Shunt resistor or current transformer
Voltage Sensor Options Resistor divider or transformer
THD (dB) 74
Analog Power Supply (V) +/-3
Digital Power Supply (V) 3
Power Consumption (mW) 23-35
Package 28 SSOP

Software and Tools

CDB5451A GUI V.2 Software

Jun 23, 2004, CS5451A-SW1 : 5091 Kb


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