MasterHIFI Audio D/A Converter with Headphone Amplifier

The CS43130 combines a next generation, low power audio DAC with a high-fidelity headphone amplifier to provide a superior system-level audio performance without draining battery life. This IC minimizes board space requirements while enabling performance and features to drive design differentiation. The CS43130 features a high impedance of 600 Ω, and inter channel isolation of >110 dB. To minimize pre-echos and ringing artifacts, the CS43130 is designed with proprietary digital-interpolation filters that support five selectable digital filter responses. Filtering options include low group delay with pseudo-linear phase and a fast or slow roll-off. Volume matching of the analog output levels and channel mixing enable a seamless transition between the DSD and PCM playback paths. The onboard low noise, ground-centered headphone amplifier provides proprietary AC impedance detection to support headphone fingerprinting to provide a consistent and transparent audio experience for the end user regardless of transducer impedances or frequency responses. The amplifier also supports adaptive post processing for customer bundled and third party headphones/headsets. An integrated auxillary audio input and "click-less" switch is provided for non-high-fidelity use cases.



  • Integrated GND-centered, Class H headphone driver
    • Output power
      • 30 mW per channel into 32 ohm load
      • 5 mW per channel into 600 ohm load
  • Advanced 32-bit oversampled multi-bit modulator with mismatch shaping technology
    • Eliminates distortion due to on-chip component mismatch
  • Serial audio input
    • I²S, right-justified, left-justified, DoP, DSD and TDM interface
    • Main or secondary operation
    • Volume control with 0.5 dB step size and soft ramp
    • 44.1 kHz de-emphasis and inverting feature
  • Alternate headphone input
  • Seamless switching between high performance and low power playback
  • VD/VL Supply Voltage = 1.8 V

Parametric Specifications

Channel(s) Out 2
Resolution (bits) 32
Dynamic Range (dB) 130
THD+N (dB) -108
Sample Rate (kHz) 384
Analog Power Supply (V) 1.8
Digital Power Supply (V) 1.8
Operational Power Consumption (mW) 1.5-40.2
Output Level (Vrms) 1.7
Package 40 QFN;


For more information about Cirrus Logic's Hi-Fi product line, visit the Hi-Fi Audio page.

Software and Tools


Jan 14, 2021, v3.12.0.5 : 43.2 Mb

CS43130 Board Setup Dev Kit

Feb 14, 2017, Rev B : 4.4 Mb

Press Releases


Feb 14

Cirrus Logic MasterHIFI Audio DAC Brings Recording Studio Audio Quality to Mobile and Pro Audio Devices

CS43130 DAC Operates at 4x Lower Power Consumption and Includes a NOS Filter and 512 Single-Bit Elements for Natural, High-Fidelity Sound Reproduction


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