Audio Codec ‘97

The CS4299 audio codec is an AC ‘97 2.1-compliant, stereo audio codec designed for PC multimedia systems. Using industry-leading Delta Sigma and mixed-signal technology, the CS4299 enables the design of PC 99-compliant desktop, portable and entertainment PCs. Coupling the CS4299 with a PCI audio accelerator or core logic supporting the AC ‘97 interface implements a cost-effective, superior-quality audio solution. The CS4299 surpasses PC 99 and AC ‘97 2.1 audio quality standards. Windows® XP and 2000 drivers are available.

Innovation that Rocks® Cirrus RocksTM Cirrus®


  • AC ‘97 2.1-compliant
  • Meets or exceeds the Microsoft® PC 99 audio performance requirements
  • Industry-leading mixed-signal technology
  • 20-bit stereo D/A converter; 18-bit stereo A/D converter
  • Sample-rate converters
  • Four analog, line-level stereo inputs: LINE_IN, CD, VIDEO and AUX
  • Two analog, line-level mono inputs: modem and internal PC beep
  • Dual stereo line-level outputs: LINE_OUT and ALT_LINE_OUT
  • Dual microphone inputs
  • High-quality, pseudo-differential CD input
  • S/PDIF digital audio output
  • 3D stereo enhancement
  • Extensive power-management support
  • Package: 48-pin TQFP; lead-free assembly

Parametric Specifications

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