Licensee Support

CobraNet has emerged as the de facto industry standard for transporting high quality audio over Ethernet. But CobraNet does more. In addition to its high performance audio transport, it also offers flexible routing, control and monitoring capabilities. Rapid changes in the performance, functionality and adoption of digital audio technology makes the ‘Connected by CobraNet’ label a key to success in a changing market. You do not need a CobraNet license to install and operate a CobraNet system; you need only purchase CobraNet chips, modules* or products. Recognizing the different capabilities and requirements of CobraNet users, this technology is available in three forms to meet a wide variety of requirements.

  • As the CS181xxx and CS4961xx family of chips, available without royalty or license fees. Cirrus Logic provides reference designs and a wealth of application support to insure that your CobraNet design effort is successful and results in a product developed with far less effort and expense than previously thought necessary. Click here to find out more.

  • CobraNet is also available in the CM-1* and CM-2 functional modules which can be integrated into a wide range of products. Click here to find out more.

  • CobraNet is available as an integral part of a wide range of high performance finished products from many industry leading manufacturers. Click here to find out more. Technical, “engineering information” about CobraNet technology is available in the developer information area of this site. Additional engineering support is also available under a non-disclosure agreement. A website and list server is maintained for our NDA customers.

Please contact your CobraNet representative for additional details or support.