A Clearly Great Voice Experience

Voice-Enabled Commands are Now a Way of Life

Enabling your mobile phone, wearable, or smart home device to respond to your voice command is made possible through Cirrus Logic’s expertise in ultra-low power mixed-signal technologies, such as always-on smart codecs with voice detection. These smart codecs, which combine an advanced, multi-core DSP with an integrated audio codec, capture the user’s voice and enable highly accurate voice commands. Open an app, make a phone call, send an email or text, all with your voice – even in noisy environments.

These ultra-low power smart codecs enable the power-consuming application processor to “sleep,” thereby preserving battery life, until it’s called into action by your voice command. Coupled with our proprietary SoundClear® voice control and voice communications technology for near-field and far-field applications, our products deliver a superior experience, whether issuing a voice command or making voice calls:

  • Multi-mic noise reduction: algorithms enhance the performance of speech recognition engines in noisy environments and enable clear voice calling.
  • Barge-In: acoustic echo cancellation enables full-duplex voice calling and speech command barge-in during loud playback.
  • Low power voice wake: an ultra-low power framework enables single or multiple trigger phrases as well as instruction buffering, preserving battery life by keeping the AP in sleep mode for longer.

Cirrus Logic’s voice capture and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology improves voice and audio experiences in new generations of digital headsets. Imagine enjoying high-quality ANC-enabled audio from your digital headset while your device listens to detect when someone is talking to you, allowing the voice conversation to pass through (“transparency” mode).

Voice Biometrics Security: Is that really you?

With public awareness and interest in privacy and security rapidly increasing, Cirrus Logic’s voice, public awareness and interest in privacy and security is also rapidly increasing. Cirrus Logic’s voice biometric solutions enable mobile devices to authenticate the user with a high degree of accuracy through their unique voice characteristics.Our ultra-low power voice biometric solutions are designed to enable secure user authentication for smartphones and wearables. Using proprietary technology, Cirrus Logic’s voice biometrics solutions authenticates users in real-time on the device, without sending information to the cloud. Additionally, Cirrus Logic’s voice biometric solutions include advanced anti-spoofing technology, which defends against attempts to bypass biometric security – for example, by replaying a recording of the enrolled user speaking. These technologies enable a seamless, secure and privacy-friendly user experience.In 2019, the FIDO Alliance Biometric Component Certification Program verified that Cirrus Logic’s voice biometrics achieved globally-recognized performance standards for anti-spoofing and authentication performance, becoming the first component to pass the 1/10,000 False Acceptance Rate (FAR).Voice biometric security will enable new use cases for all of our connected devices, allowing a hands-free and convenient way to complete a wide range of sensitive tasks, such as reading email, unlocking doors and sending texts.

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