Enhancing the Haptics Feedback Experience

Advanced Haptics and Sensing Transforms New User Experiences

Even as devices become slimmer and ever-more dominated by displays, they are becoming richer and more tactile through the use of advanced haptics. Sophisticated haptic feedback allows sleeker, more robust devices with fewer mechanical controls to deliver responsive and immersive user experiences.Through our expertise in low-power mixed-signal technology, Cirrus Logic’s solutions enable OEMs to embed rich haptic feedback in sleeker, smaller form factor devices. Cirrus Logic’s innovative haptic and sensing solutions create context-aware “virtual” buttons for almost any surface. These solutions are comprised of low-latency, high signal-to-noise ratio ICs with closed-loop algorithms that detect the presence of the user’s touch, potentially triggering a variety of unique haptic feedback responses.

Creating a Feature-Rich Haptics Experience

Delivering low-latency responses to the user's input, Cirrus Logic’s haptic feedback solutions allow users to interact with their device well beyond the limited single action-response of a mechanical button. Virtual buttons can be grouped together and be repurposed as a smart interactive “edge” of a smartphone, for example, and provide such tactile experiences as scrolling, moving through emails or web pages or even the sensation of a camera shutter release.

Integrated haptic and force sensing solutions allow product designers to free up critical space within the device, allowing for more space to innovate. It also allows product designers to create cleaner industrial design aesthetics by eliminating button “bumps.” In addition to smartphones, PCs, wearables and game controllers are also beginning to move beyond traditional button interaction to incorporate non-mechanical haptic feedback. As a result, products are becoming thinner with the ability to offer multiple unique effects.

Elements of a Great Haptics Solution

Cirrus Logic’s customers rely on our system-level expertise, proprietary digital signal processing and algorithms, world-class tools and a team of dedicated software developers that help them innovate and get to market quickly.

Cirrus Logic
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