Pioneering the Audio Experience

Decades-Long Leadership in Mixed‑Signal Audio Innovation

For more than three decades, Cirrus Logic has built its reputation as an expert and innovator in audio technology. Cirrus Logic’s analog and mixed-signal data converters and audio processors have been featured in the most recognized mobile, consumer, professional and automotive audio applications.With expertise in low-power, high-precision, mixed-signal processing, the company provides audio solutions for mobile applications, such as smartphones, tablets, wearables and digital headsets. With an extensive IP portfolio, the company’s audio IC solutions include smart codecs, boosted amplifiers, digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).Cirrus Logic’s innovative ultra-low power ICs and patented SoundClear® software technology significantly improve the listening experience while elevating the clarity and performance of the audio signal by enhancing voice quality, voice capture, speech recognition and audio playback. Some of the many benefits of Cirrus Logic’s ICs and advanced, proprietary algorithms:

Hi-Fi Audio Experience

Cirrus Logic’s products enable a high-quality music listening experience – at home or on the go. Cirrus Logic audio products with the MasterHIFI or SmartHIFI designation meet the company’s highest standard in high-fidelity audio playback, delivering the very best performance in sound clarity and pure, euphoric audio listening – just as the artist intended. Learn more about our hi‑fi playback solutions.

Louder, Higher Quality Audio from Micro Speakers

The desire for louder, higher quality audio output from consumer devices continues to increase. People are consuming content using mobile phones, truly wireless headsets, wearables, tablets and small Bluetooth speakers as well as playing video games on virtual reality headsets. Even the smallest of connected devices, like smart watches, are providing differentiation by integrating speakers and microphones that enable users to make voice calls without a smartphone.According to a 2021 consumer survey from SAR Insights, more people are using their mobile devices to share audio, listen to music, create a better atmosphere and a wide variety of use cases. In addition, 40 percent of those surveyed said that their smartphone audio speaker experience will play an increasingly important role in their next smartphone purchase.

Cirrus Logic’s boosted amplifiers improve the overall system performance while driving high-quality audio output from tiny microspeakers. Our amplifiers feature advanced boost technology that increases the voltage used to drive the transducers, while proprietary speaker protection algorithms allow these boosted amplifiers to push the limits of the speakers without causing damage. An advanced battery management system and predictive algorithms adapt to changing audio, speaker and battery conditions to minimize impact on the battery without sacrificing audio performance. Together, these features ensure micro speakers driven by Cirrus Logic’s boosted amplifiers are protected and perform reliably, enabling OEMs to deliver a best-in-class user experience. From smartphones to digital headsets, wearables to smart speakers, Cirrus Logic’s expertise in low power, mixed-signal ICs and software continues to push the boundaries for audio innovation.

Cirrus Logic
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