Social Impact

Although Cirrus Logic is a global company, our employees make vital contributions to the diverse local communities where they work and live. By Chipping In to Make a Difference™, our corporate giving, volunteerism and sponsorships showcase how Cirrus Logic can contribute to building a greater world by giving back to the communities that sustain us locally.

Contributions to the Community

Each year our employees across the globe donate their time and energy to local causes they care about. Cirrus Logic often supports these efforts with financial assistance as well. Through this combination of efforts, pride is generated in a job well done that serves the greater good of our communities.

United Nations Sustainable Development


Cirrus Logic employees step up on a regular basis to give their time and support to a variety of community causes and charity events. Examples include:

Volunteering Statistics

Corporate Philanthropy

Acting as a good corporate citizen is of great importance to our company. By giving back to philanthropic and charitable organizations on the local, regional and national levels, we can make an impact. In FY20, Cirrus Logic donated more than $1,000,000 globally in support of the local communities where we live and work.


Creating opportunities for all students to envision careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) takes passion and involvement from STEM professionals serving as important role models. Cirrus Logic and our employees fill that role by supporting STEM through volunteer activities and financial resources.