Mixed-Signal IC Innovation

Since the beginning of the digital information age, the ways in which consumers interact with their devices continues to evolve. In a real sense, how consumers access, experience and even generate content has shifted significantly from PCs and home theater systems and onto their mobile devices.

Elevating the user experience in how consumers interact with their electronic devices is at the heart of what makes Cirrus Logic unique: world-class, low power mixed-signal products that bridge the analog world around us with the digital world of our technology. Yes, mixed-signal innovation has been our lifeblood – from the first audio chips used in desktop PCs in the 1990s, to the most cutting-edge mobile products of today.

What We Do Today: Audio, Voice and Haptics and Sensing

When consuming multimedia or listening to music, consumers around the world expect a high-quality audio experience. Cirrus Logic products, such as audio converters and smart codecs, provide both high-fidelity and loudness. Cirrus Logic is also a market leader in boosted amplifiers that deliver both louder and higher-quality sound output for a better user experience.

Leveraging our expertise in voice-related technology, Cirrus Logic’s products help enable a rich user interaction – all from your voice. From high-quality phone conversations, voice commands and voice biometric security, Cirrus Logic’s voice products deliver enhanced performance for a variety of consumer devices.

Cirrus Logic is also delivering enhanced user experiences with our haptics and sensing products. Think about this: All of those mechanical buttons on your mobile phone or on your car’s dashboard? That “feedback” sensation you’re used to feeling when pressing a mechanical button could soon be generated digitally through haptics feedback generated by our ultra small haptics ICs. This technology is enabling new product form factors using the latest materials and delivering a wide variety of amazing consumer experiences.

Innovation is Our Culture

At Cirrus Logic, our global workforce drives a culture of innovation that is developing world-class, low-power, high-precision, mixed-signal ICs for the world’s biggest electronic device OEMs. Solving complex challenges daily, our engineers develop some of the coolest new features for today’s consumer applications. Cirrus Logic leverages its intellectual property portfolio of more than 3,700 patents to develop highly proprietary chips that deliver advanced features our competitors just can’t match.

To provide best-in-class service to some of the biggest OEMs in the mobile and consumer markets requires high levels of execution. Cirrus Logic has built its reputation around supply chain expertise, delivering high-quality components that ramp into production quickly to meet aggressive product launch schedules for some of the world’s most recognized - and demanding - customers. And doing so time and again, year after year, with each product introduction.

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