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Since the dawn of the digital information age, we have accessed information using our fingertips. But in today’s mobile world powered by billions of smart mobile devices, consumers are no longer held back by the limitations of just a touch interface.

Enter the voice connected world:

At Cirrus Logic, our global workforce of more than 1,400 people thrive in a culture of innovation that is developing the world’s leading audio and voice ICs. With an emphasis on low power design expertise, Cirrus Logic’s world-class mixed-signal products bridge the analog world around us with the digital world of our technology.

What’s in your hand or pocket right now? Perhaps it’s a smartphone, tablet or a smart watch? Maybe you’re listening to music through a new generation of digital headsets? Each of these devices – all unique – rely on various levels of signal processing to make the magic happen: great audio, superior voice recognition, hi-fi playback.

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